Saturday, January 16, 2010

Carrie McGorgeous

Yes indeed, I have moved again. :p

Trust me though, this will be a permanent address for some time. Trust me. *puts on a serious face*

The new address is:

See you there!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 everyone! Though, I'm sorry it's a little late. Gomenasai :p

I've been wanting to blog forever but every time I meant to, I just get so turned off that I kept procrastinating. 

Well, it seems I can no longer post any more piccies (as you know, i live on posting piccies on my blog) as blur me signed up for this account using the same old gmail address. Little did I know that by doing so, both my blog accounts have to split the amount I can upload - which means, I've used up like closed to 100% of the limit already. Sigh~Haiya!

So here I am, trying (or barely trying) to export everything from this current blog to the new one I've just registered for. Sigh, I feel as if I just don't have the strength to do so at the moment.

Gimme another week k? I'm still a little delirious after spending 3 glorious weeks with my McPingu. I went over to celebrate Christmas and he came back with me to celebrate New Year's! 

I hope you guys have had a blast saying farewell to 2009! tell me about it k? :)

Till then...Love you all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time flies....

Time flies...and time heals....

It's been a month since Cocoa's gone and I'm much much better now. I didn't realised I had my closure until a friend pointed out that I had my closure the other day. And yes, it does feel good to leave the pain of loss behind and keep only the happy memories with me.

I've posted some pictures of how Cocoa, looking so much like a lil gremlin transformed into a beautiful princess.

Here's the link on FB:

When she was a puppy, she was stubborn and tom-boyish. As she got older, that stubbornness retained, however she developed a very maternal and sweet girly side to her - a charm that's hard to resist.

~*Cocoa Chanel forever*~

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank you

Dear friends, thank you for your well wishes and concerns. I am feeling better now. Am  coping and still trying to adjust to Cocoa's absence. For instance, I still can't help saying stuff like, "Where are my boys and girl?", "Boy boy, girl girl...come here!". Whereas, I've only got the boys left. :( 

The past couple of days, whenever I had a quiet moment to myself, I couldn't help but think of Cocoa. And when i closed my eyes to try to think of all those happy times with her...I had a vision of her smiling and playing, in a beautiful place which looked like heaven. And that's always the same vision which popped up (??).

Moving on...
I've come to terms with the fact that Cocoa is really gone for good. But I find strength and comfort knowing that she's with the Lord and she's in a place where she will feel no suffering and pain, and knows only happiness, love, joy and peace.

I guess like any mother, I just wanna know that my daughter is now is a better place. 

Cocoa, you'll forever be my darling daughter. You'll always have a special place in my heart and will be fondly and dearly remembered. I love you dear girl.


*dear friends, thanks for informing me about not being able to drop your comments here. I think i've fixed the problem. you should be able to comment from now. let me know if the problem persists. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In loving memory...

To my dearest Cocoa darling,

Mummy is still shocked from knowing that you've passed away. No words can describe the pain I'm feeling right now, the pain of losing you...all so suddenly too. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye my darling daughter. I miss you so :(  

I didn't get to cuddle you and put you to bed last night and say those sweet 'i love you's to you like I always do. Oh, how I wished I did so. 

It pains me when I realised that I no longer can hold you close and snuggle with you like I always do.  I miss you my darling girl..I miss you so.

Mummy loves you so, my darling Cocoa Chanel. Rest in peace my dear gal, rest in peace.

In Loving Memory of
Cocoa Chanel
May 8, 2001 - November 10, 2009

You are God's gift to me. I've never been happier since you came into my life my dear girl. Thank you for loving mummy.

You're forever my darling girl.

Such a loving mummy. You'll be dearly missed by your boys Bebe, Xiao Bai and Xiao Ban.

Cocoa Chanel Tang, sweet memories of you will forever be etched in our hearts. I pray you're now in a happy and wonderful place in heaven playing with the angels. Amen!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ricci Ricci

Two days ago, I received an email from a Marie Claire (the magazine) staff informing me that I've won a bottle of Nina Ricci's perfume (worth RM250) for the Oct '09 giveaway. 

Went to collect my pressie today since I had to pass some handbag samples to the staff in BluInc to shoot. 

I asked the staff how I won - was it through an email submission or did I send in my entry via post? Her answer: via sms. 

Ah-ha! Many friends told me that all those sms entries are scams and no one wins anything via sms. So there~ :p 

I'm guess this is really my week huh. :)

I love the chic perfume bottle.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My favourite things..Part 4

The quest for good food continues....

Manila Day 2

~*~*~*Cafe Breton, Greenbelt*~*~*~

It was a super relaxing day as we had no errands to run and it was just a typical lazy Sunday. We woke up, dididada-ed for a while before heading off to Greenbelt in search for brunch.

We were spoilt for choices in Greenbelt as there were too many alfresco cafes around. Finally decided to have crepes at Cafe Breton, a place where we both haven't checked out before. The  choices were abundant. There's an array of crepes both sweet and savoury to suit different cravings.

Seeing how easy it was to make the crepe, I told Pingu that I wanna get a hotplate too. "Hunny, i promise i'll make crepes for you everyday" :P

His answer? "Nah..we'll just come here for the crepes". Seems like my plan to get a hotplate isn't working. 

The fun part is that you get to make your own crepe (which starts from as low as 45 peso). You get to choose whatever ingredients to go with your sweet/savoury crepe such as fresh fruits, spreads (nutella! yum..), sauces, preserves, mushrooms, sausages, hams, cheese, etc.This is my gourmet crepe. Mine's got mushrooms, ham and mozzarella. was super cheesilicious!

Pingu ordered something off the menu. It was a typical breakfast crepe consisting of egg, sausage, tomatoes and caramelised onions.

The crepes are undeniably delicious and there is definitely something for everyone whether you're a vegetarian or a hardcore meat-lover.

Being our typical gluttony selves, we naturally progressed to trying the sweet crepes.

This is
La Manifique!

Aptly named, La Manifique is generously spread with a thick layer of Nutella,  topped with whipped cream and almond flakes. There are banana slices in the crepe too. All super fattening ingredients but oh-so-comforting to eat.


After such a heavy brunch, we decided to do some 'malling' to walk off those calories.

Saw this outside a bar. 

We did our grocery shopping at Rustan's (it's similar to our Bangsar Village Grocer, quite 'atas'). I needed to get some ingredients as I was gonna cook dinner that night.

Nope, I didn't get these 'kuih-like' food.

I'll grab these local kuihs next time. Am quite curious to find out how they taste like.

Look, they have ensaymadas for take away.
6 for 53 pesos, damn value for money! 

We had no idea what's a 'Bibingka'. And oh, have you any idea what's a red duck egg? (i'll let you know what that is later).

Bibingka tastes a bit like those 'kaya balls' we get in pasar malam. But instead of kaya, you get to taste the savoury taste of salted egg (that's the red duck egg I was talking about) and some sweetness from the sugar and egg batter. 

We had fun checking out this exhibition - The Spoils of Love
Featuring: Museum of Broken Relationships.

Some interesting exhibits to share....
"We broke up on skype"Choi! (*touch wood* in Cantonese)

My Malay Bear

My ex presented to me 2 Ralph Lauren bears not long after we started dating. One half is the brown one here, the other has white fur. He's Malay, I'm Chinese. We decided I would take the darker half of the pair, and he'd take the lighter fur bear, so we'd have something to represent each other when we're away from each other. I didn't display anything of our relationship in my house/room as my parents didn't approve of my dating him and I had to keep our relationship a secret. No photos of us, no cards, no romantic trinkets. Only the little "Malay" bear that sat on my bed for the rest of the relationship. When we broke up,  I cried into the bear and hugged it to sleep for nights. Eventually, I packed him up and no one noticed the bear's absence.

Rubber shoes,
Manila, Philippines

It has been said to never give anyone a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift because it is thought that the shoes would make the person you give them to walk away from you.

Few months after Christmas of 2004, we called it quits.

Superstitions? I don't believe in superstitions. I just walked away. Today, I'm still walking but without the shoes.

A mobile phone
July 12, 2003 - April 14, 2004
Zagreb, Croatia

It lasted 300 days too long. He gave me his mobile phone so I couldn't call him anymore.

A head massager. One of the things one doesn't give back to an ex-girlfriend.

Basketball jersey

 Manila, Philippines

He was a player....

~*~*~*Market! Market!*~*~*~

We went to Market! Market! as I couldn't find some ingredients (herbs) at Rustan's.

Found this aptly named jewellery shop.

No-lar! I'm not desperate okay? :P

Our dinner for the night.

Roast chicken served on a bed of roasted potatoes, carrots and onions.

In case you're wondering what those green stuff underneath the skin were, I stuffed thyme and rosemary underneath the skin to make it more aromatic.

Wanted to make salad but decided against it as we had too much food for the 2 of us already.

Excuse the poor picture quality, the skin was actually super crispy while the meat tender and juicy. :D

A bottle of Asti sealed the deal. Yummilicious!

Manila Day 3

~*~*~*Powerplant Mall, Rockwell*~*~*~

One of the reasons Pingu brought me here was to try Diamond Hotel's famous ensaymada.

As it was a public holiday, there was a food bazaar going on. 

I fell in lurve with these chocolate coated mochis. They're da bomb! I've never tasted melt-in-your-mouth mochis like these ones before. 

Bought a vanilla flavoured mochi ice cream from the same stall. 

I was told to wait a couple of minutes for the ice cream mochi to warm up a bit before eating. 

I called these 'atas' cookies!
I've seen luxury bag cakes and cupcakes...but never cookies. This is a first for moi.

The cookies cost about RM10 each.

Guess which one's my favourite arm candy. The Hermes Birkin? The LV Speedy? or the quilted Chanel?

Cute mini Nissin cup noodles.

My quest for all things pink/red.

Found: this bottle of pink Gatorade while shopping at Rustan's (again).

Found: Red duck eggs (the ones in Malaysia are coated with black sandy-looking stuff)

~*~*~*The Cake Club of Diamond Hotel*~*~*~

The ensaymada is a delightful explosion of cheese and cream. 

It is so good that you'll want to savour every single morsel to the last bite. And lick every damn cream off the plate. :P

Our 2nd helping of ensaymada. We ordered the one with ham this time. Surprisingly, savoury and sweet both gelled very well together.

But somehow, the cheese didn't melt like the first ensaymada. Though the former didn't look too good, it tasted so darn good!

Each ensaymada costs around 130 peso (RM10).

Enjoying a refreshing glass of green tea smoothie. 

If you're a coffee lover, enjoy a cup of Japanese kohii (coffee) at Kohikan (Cake Club) of Diamond Hotel, 2nd floor Powerplant Mall, Rockwell next time you visit Manila. And don't forget to try their ensaymadas.

Comes in 3 flavours: original, ube (with yam), and ham.

~*~*~*Sentro, Serendra*~*~*~

I arranged for a dinner with my host parents (since my student exchange days eons ago) to catch up. It's been more than 10 years since I last met Daddy Ed (yup, I used to call him Daddy Ed then). He was the President of Rotary Club Makati West at the time and he's still an active member now. In fact, come July 2010, he'll be the District Governor of the club.

Me and Pingu with Daddy Ed and Mummy Mariz. 

We had filipino cuisine @ Sentro. I didn't take piccies of the food until dessert. (I didn't wanna appear rude by clicking away at the food). :p

Crepes with cream and corn filling.

Coffee-peanut pie, Mummy Mariz's fave.

Manila Day 4

~*~*~*Mall of Asia (MOA)*~*~*~

MOA is currently the largest mall here. And since I've only spent like 2 hrs here, I guess I've only seen a small portion of this place. Sigh, so many things to do, so little time ....

I'll definitely be back...

View of the Manila bay...

Found: Another pink item. Strawberry soy milk. :P

Time to head home :(

Had some lousy filipino-chinese food @ the airport.

L-R: Some green-ish coloured drink (can't remember what it was), wantan mee, crab siew mai, shark's fin siewmai.
I ended up passing the wantan mee to Pingu as I was feeling nauseas. Decided to have the porridge instead.

The chicken porridge was pretty good though. I would have been able to finish it if not for my lack of appetite and wooziness. I was falling slightly ill towards the end of the trip. Parting definitely didn't help. 

More piccies to come i promise :)

[note: Pingu was back for a week and he just left last nite. I'm happy that we managed to spend a blissfully adventurous week together. I can't wait to see him again end of this month. Can't wait :D ]





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